Friday, January 29, 2010

What Ghostwriters Read

A new ghost asks: What sites do ghostwriters visit to keep tabs on the industry?

It’s a good question. There aren’t a lot of sites devoted to ghostwriting (hence our decision to launch this one!) But we do dig for info in other places.

Gwen likes:
Publishers Marketplace
Publishers Weekly

Also: “I also find really good info through the people I follow on Twitter. And on message boards like FLX and ASJA.”

Alisa says: “I do read the deals from Publisher's Marketplace and most of what Gwen reads. I also regularly study the co-op tables at B&N and the NYT best seller list to stay on top of what is being published and is selling.”

Melissa says her reading flexes with her assignment list:
“I tend to go looking for specific information when I feel I need it. I'm about to write a proposal, for example, and I need to make sure my skills in that regard are up to date -- so I'm going to go looking for the most recent articles on that topic that have appeared in respected publications or are by respectable writers.”

Ellen says: “Ditto Gwen and Alisa on Publishers Marketplace. That’s a good place to go to keep tabs on what’s selling and who’s buying it.”

Also: Journalism sites, to keep up with what other writers are doing.
Talking Biz News

Finally, I have a Google set to deliver me a daily digest of stories that include the word “ghostwriter.” Lately, that’s meant a lot of stories about Roman Polanski (!) whose new film "The Ghost Writer" is scheduled for release next month. But in general, it’s a good way to keep up to date on what’s being said in the world about the business of ghostwriting.

What about you? What are you reading?

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